What We Do

New Installations


A new installation brings out our best. In addition to your Customer  Service Representative (CSR), expect to meet a dedicated project manager, a lead technician - along with support technicians, if required - and an end-user educator all working together to ensure a seamless installation. Along the way, your own participation is enlisted ensuring that any unforeseen matters are handled properly.

Once an installation plan is agreed upon, all necessary pre-installation tasks get underway. Service providers are contacted, hardware is inventoried and tested, manpower is committed and scheduled and installation date(s) confirmed. Every effort is made to meet the timetable requested by each of our Customers.

Additionally, new installations are afforded a 30-day period after cutover to fine-tune the initial programming at no additional cost.


End User Training

NEC phone - call us

End user training is a necessary part of any new system purchase. We take great pride in the products we offer and make every possible effort to help our clients understand, in the quickest possible timeframe, the system they've decided to invest in. 

End user training is, therefore, scheduled on or near the cut-over date on each new installation. Customized pre-training sessions can also be arranged and scheduled in order to meet any clients' specific business needs. 

Our Customer Service Representative will maintain contact during, and long after, training to ensure that our commitment in providing the necessary knowledge and skill sets have been fulfilled.

Telco Interface

The services of long haul and dial-tone providers are often a required part of most work requests. This is typically true for new installations whether purchased from Converged Telcom or Customer provided equipment [CPE], total system relocations, move add and change orders as well as service repairs. 

Our Consultant can also provide consultation and assistance with the planning of your dial tone needs in order to best meet your particular needs and budget.


Entire System Relocations


Who isn't distressed at the mere thought of moving? Well, no need to anguish ... our reliable support staff is always available to assist you with your relocation.

Our relocation services typically begin with an on site consultation and may include assistance with any necessary floorplans and detailed coordination with other vendors participating in the relocation project.

Note that a lead time of no less than 30 days is often recommended to ensure that time commitments are met.

Move, Add and Change Work Orders


Our Work Order department is never at a standstill making up a considerable segment of our day to day operations. Work orders are thus scheduled within 3-5 working days or less after the request is received provided there are no requirements to interface with a service provider, where orders have to be placed for non-standard equipment or when conditions out of our control exist. In any case, all efforts are made to service our Customer's requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Additionally, our large and extensive inventory allows us the ability to install and service Customer equipment in a cost effective and timely manner.

Remote programming is also available where applicable.


Maintenance Service Agreements


Maintenance Service Agreements are available on our Toshiba, Norstar and AVAYA Partner systems at special rates.

A Customer on maintenance will enjoy these important benefits:

*Priority response to system down emergencies.
-no $500.00 expedite fee to re-direct a tech if schedule does not allow for a tech dispatch within 2 hours.

*Email and telephone help lines.

*Includes labor, parts and travel for repairs caused by wear and tear from normal use.

*Predictable operating expenditures.

*Reduced travel rates on work orders (Add/Moves/Changes).

*Access to our Toshiba Training videos through our www.convergedtelcom.com website.

24-Hour Emergency Service and Repair


Service response guidelines for normal operational hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday, 8:00AM through 4:45PM, a Customer service coordinator will answer the calls and open up a Service Ticket.

Remote access service is available where applicable.

Service calls received by 11:00AM on a regular working day are usually responded to by the afternoon of the same day, provided there are no statewide outages or other events beyond our control preventing access to your location.

Service calls received after 11:00AM are usually scheduled for no later than 12:00PM of the following workday. If possible, all efforts are made to complete the call on the same afternoon of the day the call was received on.

SYSTEM DOWN - A technician will respond to the problem within 2 hours or less after the call is received, provided there is no statewide crisis or major natural disaster which would prevent access to the work site. There is no guaranteed 2-hour response time for Customers who do not have a maintenance support contract or warranty in place.

Service guidelines for after-hours, weekends and holidays:
Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system quickly distributes calls to a technician on stand-by. The technician will respond to a system down by live voice within two hours of a call. Customers who are on warranty or maintenance are not charged for system down service as long as the problem is deemed to be caused by normal wear and tear or usage.

Customers on Time & Materials are charged at the prevailing overtime rates.

Technicians are not dispatched to site for servicing after hour calls that are of a non-emergency nature that can be addressed on the following workday. The technician will respond to the caller by live voice and advise accordingly.

If the Customer requests and agrees to the after-hour charges for a non-emergency call out, the Customer is charged and responsible to pay for a minimum of two hours at time and a half (at the ongoing labor rate), travel charges both ways and applicable tax.

Equipment is chargeable for Customers on Time & Material status.

Connectivity and Cabling


Converged Telcom specializes in the running of voice, data, fiber, speaker, and coax cable. Technicians are factory certified and use state of the art test equipment to certify work.

Have a data challenge? Converged Telcom may be able to help. We specialize in getting your data through the office, across the street, or across the state. Inquire with our knowledgeable staff.


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